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Mastectomy and post-surgery bras & prosthetics

Introducing Rochelle Key to the Pure BC team

Welcome to the newest member of Pure Breast Care NZ, Rochelle. I am so happy to have her with us. – Liz


Hi my name is Rochelle Key. I am married to Clive and have three awesome adult children and sons-in-law.

Having not long done the prostate cancer journey with my husband, we found ourselves confronted with my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2014.

Any life changing diagnosis comes with a roller coaster journey for everyone involved.

I have done the cancer journey as both supporter and patient, having experienced it from both sides.

A huge part of my recovery and embracing my new normal was being under Liz’s empathetic and professional care. Getting me fitted with my breast forms, bras and swimwear gave me the much needed confidence to move forward with my life.

I feel privileged to be part of the Pure Breast Care team and am here to support you and provide assistance in this important stage of your journey, now and in the future.