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Heart Cushions

Hi Ladies,
I had the pleasure of meeting Belinda on the 7 December on my last fitting visit to Taupo. I was so humbled by the kindness Belinda and the ladies of Taupo Show with the making and giving of the heart cushion to Breast Cancer patients.
Keep up the good work you really are kindness itself.
Liz Brett
Pure Breast Care NZ

Pillows with Heart

A soft cushion to protect you from bumps, something to cuddle when the going gets rough, an extra bit of padding to keep the pressure off when you’re wearing a seatbelt… for people with breast cancer, a heart cushion can be an invaluable companion.

The heart-shaped cushions fit comfortably under one arm and are soft and supportive. They are practical too and are used to cushion the surgical area during healing and to support arms affected by lymphoedema.

Now a group of five Taupo women have taken on the heart cushions, donating their time and many of the materials to make them for breast cancer patients.

Belinda de Lautour and friends Jude Sherning, Lois Taylor, Karen Shrimpton, and Jude Reaney have had two sewing bees making and stuffing the cushions and so far have produced more than 120.

Jude Sherning has given two to friends with breast cancer who have appreciated them and she says they had no idea when they first received the cushions, just how handy they would prove.

“They’re incredibly useful and both of the women post-cancer now have them on their bed. They loved them, they don’t see them as a part of a traumatic time, they just see them as a pretty little helpmate. It brought physical and emotional comfort because if times are tough if we had our old teddy bear we would give that a little hug. This also gives them physical comfort because it’s a form of protection.”

The women have adopted the cushions with zeal, turning out up to 80 in each cushion-making session.

“It’s a lovely collaborative task, it has a great feeling about it as well,” Jude says. “We’ve made them in all sorts of fabrics and it’s lovely because people can choose from vibrant spots to
gingham checks to florals and breast cancer ribbons to all sorts and it also makes the task so much more joyful.”

The women are wrapping the pillows in cellophane sealed with a heart sticker to keep them clean and fresh and to make them look like a beautiful gift. Now they are ready to
distribute them—some have already been given out at Taupo¯ Hospital—and are happy to hear from anyone who needs one.

Belinda says she talked to Barry Calder at Fabryx who kindly donated some material. If anybody has some 100 percent cotton fabric or dacron stuffing to donate, it would be gratefully accepted.

Contact the Heart Cushion makers via Belinda on 021 482 858.


Original Article by: Laurilee McMichael. Jul 12, 2018 |